The Solution

Identifying Changeover Insights for Continuous Improvement

In this demo, we’ll show you the insights you’ll get when you begin to measure the human work of changeovers digitally. This insight is the result of employees utilizing digital procedures to execute the work and collect data. We’ll show you how this is done in the second module of the demo.

Executing Changeovers and Collecting Data with a Connected Worker Platform

The Parsable Changeover Accelerator for CPG comes with pre-configured processes you can deploy with minimal configuration to begin digitally executing changeovers. This module will show you how workers use these processes that we call jobs.

OEE - A New Approach
Planning & Oversight

In-line Collaboration to Streamline Executing Changeovers

As you know, issues can come up before, during, and after changeovers. In this module, we will show you how employees use in-line collaboration while executing work to quickly address issues and keep each other informed. With in-line collaboration, they can get the answers they need to execute speedy and safe changeovers.