Your Challenge

The simple truth is factories are still hampered with heavy audit requirements due to regulation, mountains of paper checklists, and volumes of paper procedures. This slows down operations and creates scenarios where employees ignore intended processes. Despite very focused efforts, like Lean and Six Sigma, these issues have made productivity, quality, and safety goals in automated factories more elusive than they should be.


The Opportunity

There is a huge opportunity to bring processes and communication approaches common in the front office to the shop floor. While technology companies have historically ignored industrial workers, new approaches and technologies are enabling more productive industrial teams.


Our Solution

Parsable has created a mobile platform to organize work, foster collaboration, and streamline communication in food manufacturing environments. Download our solution brief to see how our platform* can help you:Parsable Analytics overview screen


  • Eliminate error-prone paper by digitizing.
  • Facilitate collaboration within a procedure with rich media person-to-person.
  • Analyze & eliminate process bottlenecks with real-time process data.
  • Incorporate instant process feedback.

*This platform installs quickly so you can begin getting breakthrough results in as little as six weeks. Our proven methodology has enabled fast success at some of the world’s largest food manufacturers.