Your Challenge

Energy companies, including traditional providers and renewables like solar and wind, are wrestling with the complexities of serving customers and making money amidst rapidly changing patterns of demand and distribution. 

The Opportunity 

Empowering work crews with digital devices that help them consistently execute structured processes, collaborate on the spot to solve problems, and fluidly adapt to change is an overlooked opportunity of potentially immense proportions.

Our Solution

Parsable chat screen

Parsable has created a mobile platform to organize work, foster collaboration, and streamline communication in industrial environments. Download our solution brief to see how the platform* can help you:


  • Reduce nonproductive time
  • Enable remote inspections
  • Increase customer visibility into work processes
  • Solve problems collaboratively on the spot
  • Accelerate new worker time- to-productivity with in-field multimedia training and remote coaching

* It is already in use at energy sites in the United States, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.